“Leiila LOVES LOVES LOVES soccer! She has us out in the yard after kindy chasing her around with the ball playing! Its great!”



“Thomas loves his soccer, he’s not keen going to kindy (its taken him months & he still dislikes it) – but telling him he’ll play soccer in the afternoon at kindy makes him agree to go!!”


Mum of Thomas, Community Kids Olsen Ave, Nov 2011

“Joseph is really enjoying your soccer program. We talk to him about soccer every Monday and we have been showing him soccer on TV so he can understand a bit more. We are looking forward to receiving a photo to send to his grandfather in Brazil.”


Mum of Joseph, Aussie Kids Sept 2011

“Thank you for coaching Orion in soccer, you’ve done a tremendous job. We were hoping that he would develop some balance and ball skills from his childcare sessions, and essentially for him to have some fun and exercise. To find him at the Saturday games attentive to your instructions, and playing with coordination and tactic was a delightful surprise!”


Mum of Orion. Smarter Kids Robina, & School Holiday Program in Robina. Feb 2012

“Thank you, my boy loves soccer class at kindy!”


Mum of Nathan, Robina Groves Child Care, Nov 2011

“Thank you so much, Lachlan loves your program & my husband has participated with my son on 2 different weeks & said that the way you teach the kids and the structure of your program is fantastic. Thanks again”


Mum of Lachlan, Smarter Kids Varsity Lakes Sept 2011

“Leo is having a great time and it definitely makes him happy to go to care when he knows he will have soccer!”


Mum of Leo, Isle of Capri Sept 2011

“Cheers and thanks again, Riley loves it and is getting pretty good at it most of the time.”


Mum of Riley. Labrador Play School, Nov 2011

“Hello, Sienna is loving playing Soccer at Kindy. She wants to be a “soccer girl” when she grows up. Thanks for your time and patience with her.”


Mum of Sienna, ABC Labrador Sept2011

“Hi. Cael is enjoying the program very much he always talks about it and asks every day if it is soccer today”


Mum of Cael, Labrador Playschool Sept 2011

“Hi. PJ is really enjoying soccer – it’s a great way to get him there on time each Monday!”


Mum of PJ, Labrador Playschool Sept 2011