If your little one has attended our after school or weekend soccer program, they have probably been awarded with a special Little Big Sport patch! These are designed to be ironed onto the soccer uniform (or even hat). Here are some simple methods and tricks to ensure it sticks on properly. We have tried many methods and found these ones to work the best, however if it is your first time using the iron on this material, please put a tea towel between the iron and shirt, to be on the safe side (this will work just as well but may take a tiny bit longer).


If you have never used your iron on these uniforms before, we do recommend starting on a lower heat setting and putting a piece of material such as a tea towel between the patch and the iron, just to be safe. 

To limit the amount of time that the iron is touching the uniform, it is best if you just use the tip of the iron, directly on the patch. The heat will transfer through the patch and melt the glue, adhering the patch to the uniform. Be sure the get to the very edges of the patch as well. if you turn the uniform inside out, you can also iron from inside the shirt, on low heat, to ensure all the glue has melted.

Temperature: Silk/Wool setting with no steam (patch test is advised first)

Time: No more than about 10 seconds on each area of the patch. After 10 seconds, move the iron to another area of the patch, ensuring you get to the edges.


Hair straighteners work great because they deliver heat from both sides of the patch. Simply place the patch on the desired spot on the uniform and clamp on top of the patch and underneath the uniform simultaneously. Just be sure to get to the edges of the patch as well.

Temperature: Max 120 deg. 

Time: About 6-8 seconds. You may need to move it over and clamp again on the edges.

Patches will stay on longest if you take a little time to ensure that all areas of the patch has adhered to the uniform. This means getting right to the edges so that it can not lift off at a later stage. Always attempt to iron on patches on a lower heat setting first.

If you have had your child’s name and number put on the shirt: Please take care not to iron over the top of the name and number as this can undo the adhesion, causing it to come off.