Transfer from our Kindy Program to one of our Before School, After School or Weekend Programs and get your first lesson free!

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Transferring to one of our Before School, After School or Weekend programs is easy and if your child enjoyed our kindy program, chances are they will love our other programs just as much! Scroll down for the transfer form to start coming along to one of our venues.

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What is the difference between the kindy soccer programs and Before School, After School & Weekend (BAW) programs?

Whilst some things are the same in principle (i.e qualified and experienced coaches, delivering age & ability-specific tailored sessions plans to develop coordination, skills and love of the game.. to name a few), there are also quite a few differences. 

1. Duration. All kindy sessions are 30 mins in duration – BAW programs’ duration increase with age (5-12 year olds play for 45 mins).

2. More space  = a wider variety of activities. Our kindy programs can only take place within childcare centre facilities which can sometimes be quite limited. Whilst this is fine for the younger years, as they get older it is of great benefit for them to have more space for our activities. Childcare centres often have synthetic grass which can limit what equipment we can use, whereas BAW venues are held on school ovals so we can use a wider variety of equipment such as poles, hurdles and other equipment which needs to be pegged into the ground.

3. A soccer game! Once the players are of school age, playing on the larger school fields, they start to learn the basics of the game of soccer. We continue to work on fun drills and activities for the first half of the lesson as this is when they can refine their skills, and the second half is when they get into teams and play the game. We also run some Tournament Days throughout the year where all of our Before School, After School & Weekend players from across the Gold Coast come together and verse each other in fun, friendly games.

 4. Spectators! Most parents probably never saw their little one playing soccer at kindy. You can now see what your child has learnt at our BAW programs. Many families even make a morning of it, bringing rugs or chairs and a picnic!

Will my child have the same coach as at kindy?

We can not be certain of this as some days we have multiple venues running at the same time, however they most certainly will see them at our tournament days!

What are the fees and how are they paid?

Single child = $17 ; Siblings = $14 each ; (there is usually a once off $16 admin fee but this is waived for our tranferring players)

Fees are paid fortnightly via direct debit.

What if we miss a lesson or the weather is bad?

You must contact us in advance if your child will miss a lesson. That way we can mark them as absent and adjust your next direct debit so that you are not charged (2 missed lessons permitted per term). If the weather is unfavourable for soccer to go ahead we will send you an SMS to notify you and your next direct debit will be adjusted so that you’re not charged.

Do you run all year?

Yes, with the exception of the summer school holidays (Christmas / New Year break) for all programs and all school holidays for our Mon-Fri programs. Our Saturday sessions continue throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring school holidays. You can join any time throughout the year provided we have places available.

Is there a commitment period or lock in period?

Not at all. You can finish up any time however we MUST be notified so that we can open the place up to those on the wait list and so that we can stop your direct debits. We require a minimum 2 weeks notice to enable us to stop any future direct debits.

Please fill the following form to transfer into one of our Before School, After School or Weekend programs: